mercredi 1 février 2017


1/125 sec at f/5, ISO 400 (40mm)
Only the foreground object is sharp and focus. The first artwork that is in focus captures the viewer's attention as the background is blurred, which create one and only focal point. The blur goes well with the mood of the art. I think that this is the most effective picture because of that.

1/20 sec at f/13, ISO 400 (40 mm)
In this picture, the middle ground becomes more busy, but the first piece of art remains the main focal point. The art pieces start to look like as a whole instead of one individual in the first image.

1/5 sec at f/25, ISO 400 (40 mm)
Here, everything is sharp and focus so everything becomes a focal point. The viewer is pushed out of the image because of the orientation of the art pieces.

1/15 sec at f/13, ISO 1600 (55 mm)
The subject looks more contrasting from the background. Nice "dreamy" effect. The subject is a little bit more out of context. 

In the second image, the subject is in context (school, in this case) and the background becomes a distraction.

1/15 sec at f/22, ISO 6400 (55 mm)
1/13 sec at f/22, ISO 100 (18 mm)

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